FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean under gutter guard?

We pop up the gutter guard in 6 to 8 different spots, then we clean under the guard from opening to opening of the guard.

How do you know when it’s all cleaned?

We have CCTV camera on the top of the pole and we also send after photos with your invoice.

Do you also clean the downpipes?

We use a special 600mm aluminum nozzle just for that job and then we also run some water down it to ensure its all clear.

Do you guys install Guttering?

Nah, we just do the cleaning side of things, but we also can do the installation of Gutter Guard. installing guttering is actually needs to be completed by a licenced plumber.

Do you install Gutter Guard?

Yeah, We will send someone out to measure up the job and they have a chat with you.